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Top 5 Forum Plugins for Your WordPress Blog – National Funding Professionals

Top 5 Forum Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

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June 26, 2013
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February 14, 2014

Top 5 Forum Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

We have selected 5 top forum plugins for bloggers to add a forum to their WordPress blogs to facilitate the many-to-many conversation within a community that their blogs can't address, all of which are easy-to-use and helpful to those people who have no coding skill to write quality content, improve page ranking and manage their blogs.

There are so many forum plugins available on the WordPress.org community and third party websites, which makes these bloggers with limited technical knowledge get confused with the wide options and unable to choose the best ones. To relieve their worry, we have reviewed thousands of plugins and found 5 forum plugins that are especially good. In below, we have listed the selected plugins and offer the detailed descriptions to help you to know more about them and choose the most proper one. We have also selected moving and storage software for you.

No.1: bbPress

  • Requirement: WordPress 3.6 or higher
  • Price: Free

If you have ever been frustrated about bulletin board or forum software that is slow and insecure, which gets your website bad search engine rankings and a lot of attacks, bbPress can save you from the painful situation. With over 300k active installs, bbPress has won a good fame due to its ease of use, great features, excellent ability for integration, and high performance. This plugin keeps everything as light and small as possible, while the power lies in that you can make use of the numerous add-on features which can be found in WordPress plugin system. Pros of this plugins are listed below.

  • Integrates well into WordPress admin panel.
  • Developed by the makers of the WordPress project.
  • Integrates with the existing design of your WordPress blog.
  • Comes with a lot of professional bbPress themes.

No.2: BuddyPress

  • Requirement: WordPress 4.1 or higher
  • Price: free

BuddyPress is a great choice for building a modern and robust social network site. Since it's an official WordPress plugin, it comes with the same web standards as WordPress itself. And just like bbPress, BuddyPress features excellent extensibility backed by hundreds of add-on components. Here are the pros of BuddyPress.

  • Creates user profiles, groups, activity streams, and notifications.
  • Enables private messaging among several members.
  • Compatible with almost any WordPress theme.
  • Works with WordPress multisite and supports global tracking of posts, comments, blogs, etc.

No.3: DW Question & Answer

  • Requirement: WordPress 3.0.1 or higher
  • Price: Free

As the name suggests, DW Question & Answer is designed to help you add a fully-featured Quora-like question and answer system to your WordPress blog. With this plugin, you can build a simple and easy-to-manage forum without much time or complicated configurations. If you offer technical support for some products or services, such a forum is very useful. Below are some of the notable pros of the plugin.

  • Supports question submission, filtering, ordering, editing and deleting.
  • Allows voting and picking the best answer.
  • Includes an email notification system.
  • Supports sticky question and questions/answers following.
  • Allows creating private questions and answers.

No.4: Vanilla Forums

  • Requirement: WordPress 3 or higher
  • Price: Free

Benefiting from the nature of being open-source, Vanilla is a fully customizable forum plugin with more than 10,000 developers focusing on the core project and hundreds of add-ons. This plugin enables you to create a unique and intuitive community easily which curates content automatically, rewards positive participation and allows members to handle the moderation. You can learn more pros in below.

  • Migrates to Vanilla easily from other forum platforms by using the built-in exporters.
  • Adds the forum widgets to your WordPress blog.
  • Embeds a forum in WordPress blog and manages your forum from the WordPress dashboard.

No.5: CM Answers

  • Requirement: WordPress 3.9 or higher.
  • Price: free

CM Answers is a good alternative to DW Question and Answer. The two plugins function in the similar way – adding a system to your WordPress blog that allows users to submit questions and answers, and leave comments. With CM Answers, your users are also able to vote answers and upload files. The other pros of this plugin are listed here.

  • Moderates questions and answers, restricts user capabilities, and creates forum categories.
  • Filters unwanted content.
  • Sends private messages and subscribes to categories or topics.

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