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10 Reasons To choose National Funding Professionals

1. Simplicity – Without the Credit Inquiry Hit
National Funding Professionals has a simple online form, and applying won’t place an inquiry on your personal credit. The Bank will stamp your credit, require several years of tax returns, and about a hundred other financial documents.
2. Time
National Funding Professionals can give you an answer fast. The bank will make you wait weeks.
3. 100% Financing
The bank usually only finances 80% of the equipment, and no soft costs. National Funding Professionals will finance 100%, and will also finance soft costs, like delivery, installation, etc. (Lower Upfront Costs).
4. First Born Not Required
The bank will require cross collateral, meaning your home, your boat, and your kid’s college accounts all get tied up with your loan. National Funding Professionals leaves your life (and your kids) alone. No Blanket Liens, No Compensating Balances, No Loaning You Your Own Money.
5. No Yearly Re-Qualification
National Funding Professionals isn’t going to ask you to re-qualify for the loan annually. The bank will - just read the fine print.

6. Freedom
The bank will want you to keep a healthy balance in the bank, and pokes their nose into your debt to equity ratio and other numbers. National Funding Professionals doesn’t – we finance the equipment, without the mumbo jumbo. (No Financial Statement Covenants)
7. Credit Availability
If you borrow from the bank for equipment, you won’t be able to borrow later if an emergency comes up. Using National Funding Professionals for equipment purchases means you can still use the bank for emergencies. (Preserve Bank Lines for Working Capital)
8. No Hidden Charges
Banks love extra fees and nickel and diming you. National Funding Professionals doesn’t have time for that. Neither do you.
9. Fixed Term is Better
Your accountant will tell you – National Funding Professionals’s fixed term loan looks better on the balance sheet than a bank’s revolving terms. Oh, and the tax man agrees as well.
10. No Rate Adjustment
Do you REALLY think rates are going down? No, we don’t either. Which is why National Funding Professionals’s fixed terms are better than the bank’s adjustable rates.

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